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The Exception and the Rule
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The Exception and the Rule
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On March 13, 1992, Vicente Francisco do Espirito Santo, a Black Brazilian who worked in a government-owned electricity company, was fired from his job. It did not take long for him to realize that his dismissal was directly linked to his skin color. Encouraged by his union and a strong Black empowerment movement, he began a judicial process which he won, and as a result was reinstated in his former position. This informative documentary about an unknown victory illustrates how the courts of Brazil recognized the company's prejudice and racism in a country where such realities are usually dismissed as atypical. (Source: African Film)
Joel Zito do Araújo
Richard Robson, narrator
ArtMattan Productions; Tapiri Cinema e Vídeo; Núcleo de Estudos Negros (Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil)
In Portuguese with English voice-overs
1997, Joel Zito do Araújo, Richard Robson, ArtMattan Productions, racism, race relations, black movement
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