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Book of hours. [Horae Beatae Mariae Virginis cum calendario]
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Book of hours. [Horae Beatae Mariae Virginis cum calendario]
15th Century
vellum (parchment)
4 5/8 in x 3 in (12 cm x 8 cm)
Physical Description: Vellum, 10 leaves to a gathering, 13 lines to a page written in red and black. Historiated initials with complete borders in gold with navy and magenta colors. Death's head is placed over "Virgiliae Mortuorum", half-length figure of David prefaces the Penitential Psalms, Madonna and Child heads the Office of the Blessed Virigin. Provenance: Gilted bookplate of Frederick Arthur Heygate Lambert (1856-1929). Exhibited at Church Congress Exhibition (no. 37). The collection of illuminated manuscripts were gifted to Allegheny College by Charles Carroll Albertson, D.D. 1899 in 1952.
Allegheny College Library Special Collections
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Bill Owen Photography
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