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Rohacell 71 WF
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Rohacell 71 WF
CORE MATERIAL WITH UNRIVALED HEAT RESISTANCE AND CREEP COMPRESSION STRENGTH ROHACELL® FOAMS FOR ALL YOUR APPLICATIONS AND PROCESSES Whether your key selection criteria is density, processing temperature, cell size or a specific mechanical property performance level, we offer a full line of ROHACELL® products to meet your application needs. All ROHACELL® foams provide impressive mechanical strength, even at very low densities, and a heat distortion temperature and creep compression strength that is superior to any other rigid foam. For select grades, the properties can be further enhanced by heat treatment. Click on the product grades listed below to view mechanical properties and available densities, then contact us for assistance in selecting the optimal product for your application. THE STRUCTURAL FOAM THAT HAS THAT CERTAIN SOMETHING PMI FOAM MAKES LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION EASY For almost 50 years, Evonik's ROHACELL® structural foam has been offering the aerospace and automotive industries, medical technology, and other markets boundless possibilities for lightweight construction of parts or products made from high-performance composites. In such applications ROHACELL® foam core, which is based on polymethacrylimide (PMI), is used as a core between, for example, CFRP facings or as a mandrel. The principle of increasing stiffness of a composite structure by means of sandwich construction is now well established. ROHACELL®, PMI-based structural foam has been used in fiber-composite technology for almost 50 years. And it is by no surprise that ROHACELL® still dominates in the area of high-grade lightweight sandwich construction. ROHACELL®’s success can be attributed to the following: Excellent mechanical properties over a wide temperature range, even at low densities High temperature resistance up to 210°C Unique compressive creep behavior for processing up to 180°C and 0.7 MPa Excellent dynamic strength Cell sizes that can be tailored for each processing method The closed-cell foam uptakes resin only in the exposed cut cells at the surface. This prevents excess resin from infiltrating further into the foam, which would add unnecessary weight, and also provides an adequate means of restraining the ROHACELL® by way of vacuum fixation during mechanical processing. ROHACELL® can be processed by common machining methods which include milling, drilling, turning, and sanding. ROHACELL® can also be thermoformed into complex geometries.
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This image was taken by the Fisher Fine Arts Materials Library. It is is in the public domain. Please attribute this image to The Fisher Fine Arts Materials Library.
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