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Rose Kennedy Greenway: Wharf District Parks
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Rose Kennedy Greenway: Wharf District Parks
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EDAW, Inc. (American, est. 1939)
Copley Wolff Design Group (American)
Creator Culture:American; American
Rose Kennedy Greenway: Wharf District Parks
Work Type
Parks (recreation areas)
creation date: ca. 2010
Site: Boston (Massachusetts, USA)
View of the edge of a large lawn adjacent to the Rowes Wharf patio area. The lawn is inset to allow for seating.
Additional Information: An active civic space within the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, the Wharf District Parks connect Faneuil Hall and the Financial District with Boston Harbor. The parks contain areas of paved surfaces for active public use and a gathering space for public events known as the Great Room. It has two unique fountains (Rings Fountain created by WET design and the Labyrinth located in the Armenian Heritage Park), specialized lighting structures (tapering steel towers called Light Blades), public art, and many seating areas. Three open lawn areas, surrounded with plantings, provide more informal space.
Paver (material); Office buildings; Trees; Lawns; Curbing
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Donor:Lorin Granger, BAC Staff Member
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