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Prison scenes at Point Lookout, Maryland
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Prison scenes at Point Lookout, Maryland
Work Type
sketchbooks; diaries
circa 1864 - 1865
Point Lookout, Anne Arundel, Maryland, United States
Paper, watercolor, sketches
16 cm x 11 cm
Back cover
The title is taken from the first illustration. On the original cover, “J.R. Connor, Prisoner of War Point Lookout Maryland” is written. John R. Connor is identified in the first illustration. The sketchbook has been rebound in a dark green cover. The book was obtained by Stephen R. Clark, colonel of the 13th Ohio Cavalry, while on duty in Virginia after the war. The book was given to Allegheny College by his granddaughter, Eleanor Bates (Mrs. Edward Bates) nee Eleanor Van Scroten, along with his letters. Clark's father, Homer J. Clark, was president of Allegheny College from 1837-1847. Measurement of pages (h x w) 16 cm x 11 cm / 6 ¼ in. x 4 ½ in.
American English
Allegheny College Library Special Collections (American library, Meadville, PA, founded 1815)
Accession Number
973.772 Om2 p
Owen, William
The book is in the public domain.  Allegheny College holds the right to the image and reproduction.  The images that are provided here are for non-profit, educational use only. Acknowledgement: Special Collections, Pelletier Library, Allegheny College. For all other uses, contact Special Collections, Pelletier Library, Allegheny College. Access to this collection is made possible by support from the Council of Independent Colleges and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
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