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Frances Anne Kemble.
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Frances Anne Kemble.
[ca. 1840]
Photomechanical Print, Woodcut, 1 Photomechanical Print (newscutting) : Black/White
19th century
7.0 x 5.0 cm.
Notes about Frances Anne Kemble: Fanny Kemble was born in London to a prominent theatrical family. She was the daughter of actor Charles Kemble, and the niece of John Philip Kemble and Sarah Siddons, stars of the eighteenth-century stage. Kemble made her debut in 1829 at Covent Garden, playing Juliet to her father's Mercutio. The two began an American tour as Romeo and Juliet in 1832. Fanny Kemble stayed in this country, married Pierce Butler of Germantown in 1834, and retired from the stage. The couple went to live on his Georgia plantation. Kemble was revolted byy the institution of slavery and wrote a journal which she published during the Civil War. She eventually left her husband, who sued her for divorce in 1848. After the divorce was granted, Kemble gave public readings from Shakespeare which were very popular in America and England. A writer as well as an actress, she wrote poems, a novel, several plays, and further accounts of her life. Fanny Kemble was the grandmother of the Philadelphia novelist Owen Wister.
Notes about Thomas Johnson: English-born engraver and watercolorist who also made portraits of American subjects.
Notes about Thomas Sully: English-born painter who emigrated to America; well-known portraitist of major figures.
[Thomas Scully pinxt. ; Johnson sculpt.].
Ref. Lillian A. Hall, "Catalogue of Engraved Dramatic Portraits in the Theatre Collection of Harvard College Library" (Harvard Univ. Press, 1931--34).
Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts, University of Pennsylvania: Furness, P/Ke650.22 S, Small Box
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Kemble, Frances Anne, 1809 - 1893, act.
Johnson, Thomas, egr.
Sully, Thomas, 1783 - 1872, art.
Kemble, Frances Anne (Unknown Character)
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