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[Edmund Kean as Richard III]
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[Edmund Kean as Richard III]
Print, 1 page of a scrapbook : Black/White
19th century
18th century
34.0 x 21.0 cm.
Notes about J. Rogers: Possibly John Rogers. 19th-century English engraver; engraved portraits for Oxbery's The New English Drama and Chambers' Dictionary of Eminent Scotsmen.
Top image is Edmund Kean as Richard III, captioned in MS: "A weak invention of the enemy." (King Richard III. Act v. Sc. 3, in altered version by Colley Cibber). Lower image (in color) is captioned, "'Perdition catch thine arm' thou lily livered tailor." (Possibly a reference to a character in Taming of the Shrew or Midsummer Night's Dream.).
Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts, University of Pennsylvania: Furness, P/Ke150.5 M, Medium Box
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King Richard III
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Kean, Edmund, 1787 - 1833, act.
Rogers, J., egr.
Shakespeare, William, 1564 - 1616, aut., King Richard III.
Kean, Edmund (Richard III)
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