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Annual Freshman Declamation Contest May 14, 1912
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Annual Freshman Declamation Contest May 14, 1912
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Ottawa University
Annual Freshman Declamation Contest May 14, 1912
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public speaking event program
May 14, 1912
Publisher: Ottawa University
paper leaflet
This is a one page program for an annual declamation contest for the freshman class of a college or university. It is held at a "college chapel", probably at Ottawa University. This is not specifically stated but since all the judges of the contest listed below are from Ottawa, Ottawa University as the location seems all but certain. The paper sheet is yellowed, or possibly smudged in places. At the top of the sheet is an imprint of what appears to be fingerprints, resulting most likely from being gripped by the owner. There is also a small hole in the upper right corner, and the sheet is creased in two places from being folded over twice. On the left edge is what appears to be an accidental pencil mark. At the top of the sheet printed in bold black cursive script is: "Annual Freshman Declamation Contest." Just below this in smaller type it reads: "Tuesday Evening May 14, 1912, 8 o'clock, College Chapel." What follows is a list of the program performers doing what appears to be a series of solo dramatic readings from literary classics. The title of the reading to be performed is listed first, with the author opposite, and the performer listed just below. The list is as follows: Original arrangement from "Freckles" (Gene Stratton Porter) performed by Kathryn Garnett; Original arrangement from "Cy Whittaker's Place" (Joseph Lincoln) performed by Miles Oscar Wolfe; Magazine series abridgement (George Philips) performed by Ernest Hoover; Original arrangement from "Anne of Green Gables" (Montgomery) performed by Beulah Fields; Arrangement from "Innocents Abroad" (Mark Twain) performed by James Stewart; Original arrangement from "David Harum" (David Noyes Weskott) performed by Harold Constant; Dramatic narrative from "Zingarello" (unknown) performed by Stella McCandless; Magazine story abridgement from "The Wonders of the Deep" (Gertrude Pollow) performed by Edward Kroesch; Original arrangement from "Miss Minerva and William Green Hill" (Francis Boyd Calhoun) performed by Glenwood Flint; and a magazine story arrangement from "The Last Supper" (Herbert Ward) performed by Edna Umstot. The judges of the contest are listed as: Dr. E.K. Chandler (Ottawa), Miss Nellie G. Beam (Ottawa), and Professor R.E. Gowans (Ottawa). The first prize is listed as $10.00, and the second as $5.00 (no sponsors listed). The program concludes with the statement: "From this contest four will be chosen to compete in the final contest to be held during commencement week."
Pi Kappa Delta
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Ottawa University
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