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Caius Julius Caesar, silver denarius, 3.71 g.
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Caius Julius Caesar, silver denarius, 3.71 g., result 1 of 1

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Caius Julius Caesar, silver denarius, 3.71 g.
Obverse: Elephant facing right, trampling on dragon; in exergue, CAESAR. Border of dots.
Reverse: Pontifical instruments, culullus, aspergillum, securis, and apex. Border of dots.
Work Type
coins (money)
c. 49–48 BCE
This coin of Julius Caesar was issued after his victories over Ariovistus and the Germans. It is an example of the revival of minting military coins outside of Italy to pay for campaigns and soldiers. The elephant on the obverse is a reference to Caesar's name. In the language of the Mauri, his name is the same as the word for elephant. The dragon trampled by the elephant could also be the carnyx or Gallic war-trumpet. The augural symbols on the reverse allude to the office of pontifex manximus held by Julius Caesar from 63 BCE: the culullus was a drinking vessel; the aspergillum was a vessel for sprinkling water; the apex was the cap worn by the Roman flamen or priest; and the securis was the ax used in sacrifices. -- Bradford W. Wendel, LU '96 Bibliography: E. Babelon, Description historique et chronologique des monnaies de la republique romaine (Paris and London 1885-1886) Julia, 9; H. A. Grueber, Coins of the Roman Republic in the British Museum (London 1910), II, 390-391, no. 27; E. A. Sydenham, The Coinage of the Roman Republic (London 1952) 167, no. 1006; M. H. Crawford, Roman Republican Coinage (London 1974) 461, no. 443/1, 735; C. H. V. Sutherland, Roman Coins (New York 1974) 96, nos. 141-142; J. P. C. Kent, Roman Coins (New York 1978) pl. 23, no. 86; R. A. G. Carson, Principal Coins of the Romans, I (London 1978) 58, no. 207.
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Wriston Art Center Galleries, Lawrence University, Appleton, WI 920-832-6890
Wriston Art Center Galleries, Lawrence University, Appleton, WI,,920-832-6890
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