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High Light, Song-shan Tobacco Factory
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High Light, Song-shan Tobacco Factory
Presentation Board with kinetic circulation module
Doug Jackson/ ARCH 481/ Fall 2011_Winter_Spring 2012
June 2012
Taipei, Taibei Shi, Taiwan
STUDENT'S PROJECT STATEMENT: This thesis first examines the relationship between architecture and sense of place. It attempts to identify issues concerning the seperation of place in contemporary architecture and then proposes design strategies that enhance local perceptions of a place. In this manner architecture can be more relevant to people of a specific culture. This project 's strategies are developed for any place and any project scale. Strategies include 1) time-specific events 2) sensory enhancement 3) de-familiarization 4) exploration, and 5)social negotiation.
INSTRUCTOR'S BRIEF: The overarching goal of this thesis class is to formulate, investigate, and ultimately prove new strategies that will enable the discipline of architecture to reinvigorate its physical production, making this production more relevant and captivating to contemporary society, and ensuring that this relevance can endure at the time scales associated with the discipline's physical production. At this point each student has crafted an architectural thesis, which is an intellectual offering to the discipline of architecture that provides a critical perspective of its current practices and offers an alternative, visionary proposition. In addition, at this point each student should now also have a substantially complete thesis project, which is the venue within which the architectural thesis can be demonstrated. The goal for the Spring Quarter will be the refinement of the thesis project, production of supporting material (including large scale physicalmodels), and the honing of the actual presentation of the thesis.
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