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Vellum Furniture Competition: Tsunami
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Vellum Furniture Competition: Tsunami
Best of Show furniture piece
Professor: Doug Jackson/ Fall 2009/ Fall 2009
Graduation Date: June 2010
San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo, California, United States
STUDENT'S PROJECT STATEMENT: A bench is usually a static object fit for one size in mind. Conceived to be a bench three different ways, tsunami is able to be configured depending on one’s body type. Just simply rotate one profile piece and a series of interlocking rods allow the others to follow. A main bar, located at the base of the bench, is threaded to a custom circular plate on both sides allowing for all the pieces to clamp together. It’s flush with the ends of the ply to suggest that the design is only a section of a continuous volume that is not limited in length. Because of the nature of the bench, the pieces can be individually disabled and extended as far as the rod takes it. Play was an important aspect in the design. Thinking of furniture as a playful tool, engaging and transforming one’s experience, allows for exploration to occur. It allows the individual to think creatively and leave them in control to form and shape depending on their own desires. A rhythm is carried throughout the piece allowing one simple move to drastically change the appearance of the furniture.
INSTRUCTOR'S BRIEF: This project examines strategies for architecture based on play, transformation, and interaction through the lens of furniture. Students are asked to analyze a transformable and playful toy in relation to an element of furniture, and then to design a piece of furniture derived from this analysis. Concurrently, students are asked to write an essay on the relationship of ludic activity (play) to architecture and to speculate on how furniture can serve as a test bed for these ideas. The furniture designed for this assignment will be further developed in Project 2. Both Project 1 and Project 2 explore ideas that will likely inform each students' Senior Design Thesis.
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