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Who are the Plutocrats?
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Who are the Plutocrats?
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(cm, H x W) 21.4 x 13.5
A British propaganda leaflet aimed at the workers of the Ruhr Valley. The map of Germany shows Hitler's retreat at Berchtesgaden, Goebbels' "love nest" at Waldhof am Bogensee, von Ribbentrop's Schoss Fuschl, Goring's Karinhall estate and other sumptuous residences and castles. It illustrates the point made in the text verso: "You Are Told That You Are Fighting For German Socialism Against The Plutocracies," yet while aggregate worker income has fallen 11% and the cost of living has increased 10%, "all Nazi Leaders" are living in elegant castles and country estates. 629,750 of these leaflets were dropped by air in March and April 1940. (, accessed January 7, 2015. See Notes for ID #1291.02 (verso)).
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Map published separately
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Full Title: Wer Sind die Plutokraten? (Who are the Plutocrats?)
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