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Bald Hill Residence 10, View - Partial Entry Elevation
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Bald Hill Residence 10, View - Partial Entry Elevation, result 1 of 1

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Bald Hill Residence 10, View - Partial Entry Elevation
Brooktondale, Tompkins, New York, United States
Design a residence for a professional couple on a site in a large open field surrounded with woods on three sides.
The design took advantage of a unique green-walled open site with a distant view. The overall design concepts involved the integration of the buildings, including a garage, a potting shed and a play structure, within a garden as an island, set in the natural conditions of the land. The garden includes formal elements: oblique axial approach with controlled perspectival views, formally manipulated trees [bosque and espalier forms] and hedges, a viewing terrace, axial movement, terracing floral and vegetable gardens, and manicured axial lawn with controlled distant view at one end, and dark woods as grotto, at the other end. A large grid of evergreens was added as a windbreak from the prevailing northwest winds. The central areas: living/music, dining, sitting, kitchen [with adjoining pantry] are open to each other and interrelated. The two-story living/music space is overlooking the field to the north and the dining, sitting, kitchen [with continuous skylight] faces the south with views of a portion of the garden. An adjoining dining terrace overlooks the distant view, the garden and the grotto. A separate work area includes the two-story studio [with continuous skylight], a supporting counter and sink area with storage, a darkroom, and a study above. The bedrooms, library, bathing area and storage/laundry space are on the second level with circulation overlooking the living/music area. The interior materials are ceramic tile floor, rough-sawn plywood walls and painted drywall ceiling. An addition of a bedroom over a summer porch was added in 1989.
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Bald Hill Residence 10
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View - Partial Entry Elevation
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