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Page from T.J. Lyon's Typograph
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Page from T.J. Lyon's Typograph
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letterpress printing; sample books
No. 473 Circa 1870 17 pt
Old Style Ornamented
No. 339 24 pt
Old Style Ornamented
No. 321 34 pt
Old Style Ornamented
No. 408 24 pt No. 409 30 pt
Old Town
No. 410 36 pt
Old Town
No. 411 48 pt
Old Town
No. 197 (Wood) 5-Line 60 pt
Old Wood
No. 198 (Wood) 3 1/2 Line 42 pt
Older Wood
No. 599 Circa 1830 6 pt
Paul Extended
No. 14 Circa 1840 20 pt
Pooley Fence
T.J. Lyon's Typograph: A compilation of Nineteenth Century Type Faces, Borders and Ornamentations
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