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Ceremonial Chain of Office
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Ceremonial Chain of Office
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chains of office
about 18 inches
The sterling and gold Badge of Office is represented by the pendant Lawrence crest. This is suspended by the chain of Hawthorne leaves representing Milwaukee-Downer College. The Ceremonial Chain of Office is worn by the President of the university during official ceremonies. It features the Lawrence Coat of Arms and a silver maple leaf design. The coat of arms is a silver shield with a red cross, a lion in the upper quadrant, and a ram sitting above the shield. E. Dane Purdo was a Professor of Art at Milwaukee-Downer College from 1955-1964 then a Professor of Art at Lawrence University from 1964-1991. During the June 16, 1991 commencement ceremony President Rich Warch gave E. Dane Purdo an honorary degree. In addition to this Chain of Office, E. Dane Purdo created a ceremonial mace and four faculty wands, now part of the ceremonial regalia for all Lawrence University Convocations and Commencement ceremonies.
Wriston Art Center Galleries, Lawrence University, Appleton, WI
Accession Number
UC 50.057.01
Wriston Art Center Galleries, Lawrence University, Appleton, WI,, 920-832-6890
Wriston Art Center Galleries, Lawrence University, Appleton, WI,, 920-832-6890
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