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Designing Modern: 1920 to the Present
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Designing Modern: 1920 to the Present
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Curator: Hiesinger, Kathryn B., 1943-
Designing Modern: 1920 to the Present
Exhibition Installation View
September 15, 2007 - September 14, 2008
Art Deco; Bauhaus; Scandinavian modern; Postmodern
Designing Modern: 1920 to the Present opens Collab's new gallery in the Ruth and Raymond G. Perelman Building with a chronological look at the Museum's collection of modern and contemporary decorative art. On entering the gallery, object platforms joined together and punctuated by four vertical display cases illustrate major movements in design history: Art Deco and the Bauhaus; American and Scandinavian Modern Design; Italian Design; and Postmodernism. The exhibition includes favorite masterworks from the collection, along with large and small acquisitions that have never before been displayed. Formed in large part since the founding of Collab in 1970, this collection beautifully and dramatically illustrates the history of design, focusing in some depth on the designers who created that history. --From archived website
20th century design
Organizer: Philadelphia Museum of Art (American repository, Philadelphia, contemporary)
Philadelphia Museum of Art (American repository, Philadelphia, contemporary), Collab Gallery, first floor, Perelman Building
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