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Las Meninas: A Fantasia in Two Parts
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Las Meninas: A Fantasia in Two Parts
Work Type
Performances, Theatre Productions
Fall 2007-2008
Performance: November 15, 16, 17, 8:00 p.m., November 18, 3:00 p.m.
Stansbury Theatre
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Chelsea Sand (Props Assistant), Alex Bunke (Sound Board Operator), Byron Grant (Assistant Stage Manager), Jake Hartmann (Juan Pablo, A Constable), Nate Peterson (Poncho, A Court Official), Eric Ohlrogge (Juan de Pareja), Ty Steinle (Juan Bautista del Mazo), Chad Bay (Pedro Briones), Erika Thiede (Stagehand), Nico Staple (Assistant Lighting Designer), Sara Joss (Juana Pacheco), Kathy Privatt (Director), Kristin Hammargren (Infanta Maria Teresa), Octavia Driscoll (Stage Manager), Conner Lewis (Jose Nieto Velazquez), Aram Monisoff (Diego Velazquez), Ashley Korolewski (Mari Barbola), Kat Tow (Assistant Stage Manager), Hannah Sweet (Maria Agustina Sarmiento), Cara Wantland (Nicolasillo Pertusato), Jem Herron (King Philip IV), Lacey Jo Benter (Marcela de Ulloa), Andy Rudd (The Marques), Asher Perlman (Martin), Jes Vittitoe (Dominican Friar), Kim Stabile (Isabel de Velasco), Andrew Knoedler (Diego Ruiz de Azcona), Emily Rohm-Gilmore (Costume Design), Samuel Flood (Angelo Nardi), Aaron Sherkow (Lighting Design)
Kathy Privatt
Antonio Buero Vallejo, (Playwright, 1916-2000). Translated by Marion Peter Holt.
Scenic Artist
Julia Robinson
Costume Designer(s)
Emily Rohm-Gilmore
Stage Manager
Octavia Driscoll
Assistant Stage Manager
Byron Grant, Kat Tow
Technical Director
David Owens
Lighting Designer(s)
Aaron Sherkow
Assistant Lighting Designer(s)
Nico Staple
Property Master
Chelsea Seremeta, Chelsea Sand
Make-up Design
Jes Vittitoe
Sound Board Operator
Alex Bunke
Light Board Operator
Nico Staple
Kenneth Cobb
Lawrence University Department of Theatre Arts
Lawrence University Department of Theatre Arts
Lawrence University Department of Theatre Arts
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