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The School for Scandal
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The School for Scandal
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Theatre Production, Performances, Theater
Spring 2009-2010
Performance: May 13, 14, and 15, 2010
Stansbury Theatre
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Hannah Sweet (Mrs. Candour), Cullen Dunn (Sir Toby Bumper), Zach Garcia (Trip), Nate Peterson (Sir Benjamin Backbite), Matt Cawley (Rowley), Eric Murray (Run Crew), Alison Thompson (Lady Teazle), Eric Ohlrogge (Sir Peter Teazle), George Grant (Director), Sasha O. Johnston (Charles Surface), Erika Thiede (Maria), Caroline Mandler (Lady Sneerwell), Amanda Martinez (Joseph Surface), Katrina Schuster (Costume Designer), Katie Cravens (Moses), Keven Gabrielsen (William, Servant to Joseph Surface), Brian Acker (Crabtree, Careless), Naomi Waxman (Costume Studio Staff), Joia Miller (Run Crew), Barry Tikalsky (Run Crew), Aubrey Neumann (Assistant Stage Manager, Run Crew), Kyle Brauer (Sir Oliver Surface), Gwen Mullaney (Stage Manager), Diana Jurand (Prudence, Maid to Lady Teazle), Lauren Gross (Run Crew), Bridget Zangs Christenson (Grace, Maid to Lady Sneerwell), Ruth Perrin (Assistant Stage Manager), Nico Staple (Lighting Designer), Nolan Veldey (Snake)
George Grant
Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Set Designer(s)
Dave Owens, Lauren Shorofsky
Costume Designer(s)
Katrina Schuster
Stage Manager
Gwen Mullaney
Assistant Stage Manager
Aubrey Neumann, Ruth Perrin
Technical Director
Michael Baumann
Lighting Designer(s)
Nico Staple
Sound Design
Andre Juan
Property Master
Christine Blust
Max Hermans
Lawrence University Department of Theatre Arts
Lawrence University Department of Theatre Arts
Lawrence University Department of Theatre Arts
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