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Weill Cornell Medical College, Class of 2007. First Year.
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Weill Cornell Medical College, Class of 2007. First Year., result 1 of 1

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Weill Cornell Medical College, Class of 2007. First Year.
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color print
11"x 17"
Unmounted print showing the first year of the Class of 2007 of the medical college.
People identified: Amina Abdeldaim, Bernard Ashby, Katisha Baldwin, Aisha Baqai, Elan Bomsztyk (not listed), Evan Brittain, Terry Ann Chambers, Pooja Chandra, Caroline Chang, Peter Chang, Lilly Changchien, Ronald Charles, Judy Choi, Denise Chou, Robin Clarke, Melissa Coleman, Sarah Collins, Nicholas Connors (not listed), Louis Cooper, Kristin Cox, Prabhjot Dhadialla (PhD), David Dreizin, Tanya Ellman, Krista Fajman, Evan Feinberg (PhD), Aaron Flanders, Kathleen Forcier, Alejandro Garcia, Sarah Glick, Linda Goodman (not listed), David Greenhouse, Alison Haddock, Joshua Hagen (PhD), Maya Hartman ('09), Howard Heching, Jennifer Hellawell, Caitlin Hoffman, Karen Hollingsworth, Roger Hong, Andrew Hung, Vanneta Hyatt, Anna Jackson (not listed), Nicole Jarrett, Tanya Johns, Jared Johnson, Vinnie Kathpalia, Maya Katz, Breehan Kelley ('09), Jaehon Kim, Michale Kim, Won Kim, Katherine Lampen, Nicholas Leaver, John Lee, Bluma Lesch (PhD), Jennifer Lesko, Timothy Leung, Sing Your Li, Laura Libby, Jeffry Loh, Evan Macosko ('10, PhD), Stella Maeng (not listed), Nathaniel Martinez (PhD), Maria Master, Jordan Matus, Carolyn Maxwell, Justin McClain, Tiffani McDonough ('08), Robert McGinty (PhD), Jakob McSparron, Anuj Mehta, Francine Mends, Debi Mitra, Erich Mussak, Joshua Muyderman, Ehren Nelson (not listed), Marnie Nussbaum, Ifije Ohiohenuan (PhD), Joanna Paladino, Demetrois Pangiotou, Catherine Pelo, Gonzalo Perez dle Puerto, Marissa Raymond ('08), David Reichman, Elizabeth Rhoades (not listed), Shareef Riad, Brad Rosenberg (PhD), Jennifer Rossi, Eric Salazar (PhD), Matthew Scherer (not listed), Barbara Schreck ('08), Neil Shah, Neha Sharma, Victoria Sharon, Angela Shih, Smrita Sinha (not listed), Gideon Smith, Joanna Spencer ('11, PhD), Hansel Tookes III (not listed), Jenica Upshaw ('08, PhD), Veronica Vasquez, Derrick Walker, Ida Wong.
Medical Center Archives of NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell
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Box O54
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