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Ninth General Hospital. World War II.
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Ninth General Hospital. World War II.
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gelatin silver print
11"x 14"
Unmounted print showing group photo of the medical nurses staff for the Ninth General Hospital.
The Secretary of War contacted George Heuer, chairman/chief of surgery regarding resurrecting the Ninth General Hospital in October 1940. The unit was not deployed to active duty until July 15, 1942. The doctors and administrated officials from the Ninth General Hospital trained at Fort Andrews, MA Base and the Nurses at Fort Devins, MA Base. The men did not have anything to do at Fort Andrews other than training orderlies, nurses aides and technicians. The nurses worked at the New Station Hospital at Fort Devins until deployed overseas. July 18, 1943 they were all finally shipped overseas to Brisbane, Australia. The doctors went on to Goodenough, New Guinea while the nurses initially stay behind at Brisbane. At Goodenough the doctors suffered through a typhus epidemic and a monsoon. In August 1944, the hospital moved. The nurses were dropped off in Hollandria, New Guinea and the men went on to Biak Island. In August 1945, they moved the hospital to Luzon, Philippines briefly. After the war ended the unit went to Manila, Philippines where the hospital was disbanded and most of the staff was sent home or sent to other military hospitals. The name of the Ninth General Hospital was given to a regular unit in Okinawa, Japan. Doctors and nurses from both New York Hospital and Cornell University Medical College served in the Ninth General Hospital during World War II.
There is another copy of it but a larger size and mounted stored in the same box. Duplicate in the Marie Troup, RN Papers.
Medical Center Archives of NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell
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Box O40
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