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Mechanical model
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Mechanical model
Grooved Friction Wheels with Parallel Axes
Cylindrische Treibräder
This as a friction wheel mechanism to transmit motion and torque between two wheels with parallel axes. The model is similar to Model W-3 but has multiple triangular shaped grooves in each wheel. For these interpenetrating wheels the effective rolling diameter occurs somewhere within the groove. The multiple grooves create a greater surface area of contact. Also the normal force required to transmit tangential friction forces can be created by axial forces on the wheel as well as by radial forces. Reuleaux called these mechanisms "force closed" systems because a compression force is required to maintain the friction. [Francis Moon, 2004-11-15]
Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Cornell University
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The Kinematic Models for Design Digital Library (KMODDL). Cornell University. (released 2003).
Gustav Voigt Werkstatt
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