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A jar market in Corea
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A jar market in Corea
ca. 1904
9 x 14 cm
This post card shows a market that sells dark brown-glazed pottery. The sturdy pottery was used for storing food. Designed to reflect the surrounding nature, these pots were used to store and ferment Korean food, such as 'kanjang', 'koch'ujang', 'Toenjang', and 'kimchi'. Individual pots preserve their contents from spoiling and can keep kimchi fresh for a long time. The jars are made in special kilns through a method of reduction: flames and air are mixed into a fierce heat. Pine twigs are used to keep the flames intense, and the kiln's smokestack and fuel-hole are closed to intensify the heat. The clay ware controls the humidity and helps purify the jars.' Source: Website tools/kimch508.jpg
viewed May 9, 2003.
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
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