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Five stories
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Five stories
Work Type
Artist's book
Creation Site:New York: John Weber Gallery
Binding method: Single-fold pamphlet.
Printing/production method: Photocopy
22 X 14 cm; 10 leaves.
Lucio Pozzi wrote this description of Five Stories, a part of his series "Word Works": "The Word Works are works of art in which I concern myself with the great shifting power of words. In them, I imitate the structures of my paintings and enjoy games of translation and substitution. An example of my early experience in words took place when I translated the twin panels of the Level Group paintings into the book Five Stories, originally published by John Weber, New York, in 1974. (It is going to be written in all the languages of the world and has already been published in German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, French, Japanese.) The Level Group consisted of small canvases mounted on wood, painted in dark gray paint and coupled next to each other, like open pages of a book, on a wall. Five Stories contains ten stories. The five on the left are horrible; the five on the right are wonderful."
Joseph C. Sloane Art Library
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N7433.4 .P698 1974
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University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Photographer:Joseph C. Sloane Art Library
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