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Athena Lemnia (Trembley replica of Bryn Mawr College cast)
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Athena Lemnia (Trembley replica of Bryn Mawr College cast), result 1 of 1

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Athena Lemnia (Trembley replica of Bryn Mawr College cast)
Detail: Student votives
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20th century
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
In 1996-1997, Jan Trembley, Class of 1975, made this paper mache replica of the Bryn Mawr College Athena Lemnia to replace the original in Thomas Library’s Great Hall. That early 20th century plaster cast statue of Athena Lemnia, possibly fashioned in Cologne, Germany, was a pastiche based on two Roman statues—a torso in the Dresden Museum and a head in Bologna’s Museo Civico. Those statues were probably copies of the classical 5th century BCE bronze original sculpted by Pheidias for the Athenians of Lemnos as a dedication on the Acropolis of Athens. The black painted plaster cast, part of the collection of Mary E. Garrett M. Carey Thomas, decorated the Thomas Library from 1906 until its removal to the new Rhys Carpenter Library in 1997
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Slide taken by Professor Dale Kinney
Photographer:Dale Kinney
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