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1933 Sophomores James W. Armentrout; Gilbert C. Ashley; George G. Bent Jr.; Harry J. Breitbarth; Lois V. Carson; William H. Carper; O. Ellwood Cohron; James Creed; R. Dow Davis; Lewis W. Darst; Ben Diamond; Wilma Denit; Henry Dudley; Robert Doyle; Dwight Ferguson; Anthony Englehardt; Kathryn E. Flora; J. Randolph Francis; Winton W. Grant; Ballard P. Godry; Arthur Gollobin; James W. Hankla; G. Jack Huffman; Keith K. Hurst; Ash P. Huse; William Otis Hunt; William Jarrett; Mary Sue Hurt; Stanley Kulik; C. H. Kirkland; Irving J. Lasker; Margaret Layman; Julia Ann Lewis; Lucille Levin; Noble Marshall; Milton Marks; Oscar P. Martin Jr.; Samuel A. Martin; Rural Meadors; C. Edward Miley; John W. Morgan; Byron R. Miller; Buford W. McNeer; Fred D. Myers; James E. Palmer; Katherine Mountcastle; Edward E. Peterson; Hal S. Pearman; Jack Pettyjohn; Jane C. Phenix; Benjamin T. Price; Louis Quisito; Raymond R. Rice; Melvin Raikes; Elizabeth Roadcap; T. Clark Robertson; Robert Rosenberg; J. R. Rockhill; Lewis Shropshire; J. R. Rowland; Harry H. Suttner; Claudine Sinkl; Edward H. Tfank; Lucille Thorpe; John B. Tillotson; Justin C. Tobias; Harrison Weeks; Robert W. Woody; W. Whitsell; Sterling W. Winn; Helen Dillon; Harriet Martin
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