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1935 Juniors Ward E. Akers; Henri C. Beane; Helen M. Bower; George H. Boyd; Stuart P. Brewbaker; Shirley Brightwell; Rex Brugh; William H. Carper; Malcolm P. Carr; Harvey W. Carson; C. Houston Chrisman; Franklin J. Cline; W. Ralph Correll; Mildred Cross; Wilma A. Dent; Robert F. Doyle; Harry Dworkin; Mary E. Dygert; Dorothy Erb; Dwight B. Ferguson; Miriam Ferrell; Earl H. Fisher; Robert S. Fisher; Spotswood C. Foster; Winton Garst; Monroe L. Graybeal; Robert A Griffeth; Nancy Hoback; Herman Honeyman; Frances Huffman; Ash P. Huse; Elizabeth Jeffress; Charles C. Johnson; Verne D. Johnson; Edward C. Kalkowski; Warren L. Kinsey; Robert F. Kirchert; John T. Obenschain; Charles L. Patrone; Frances Peppin; Burke Porterfield; Mary L. Quackenbush; Dennis Richardson; Elsie Rosenberg; Louis Schreiner; Edward L. Sellers; William T. Schuler; Herman Smith; Peggy Thomas; Beatrice Thompson; Richard M. Trent; Jean L. Umberger; Emery Wade; Elinor Walters; Firm L. Weaver; Oliver W. Wolfson
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