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Johns Hopkins University Papyri Collection, from Oxyrhynchus and Fayum
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Egyptian (ancient)
Greek (ancient)
Roman (ancient)
Johns Hopkins University Papyri Collection, from Oxyrhynchus and Fayum
Papyri Oxyrhynchus. 585v. Miscellaneous documents
Work Type
documents; papyri; fragments
1st to 6th century CE; fragments collected 1901-1907 and 1921
Image: 1/29/2021
70 papyrus fragments
Roman Period (Romano-Egyptian)
The papyri are legal and business documents and fragments of Homer's "Illiad" and Odyssey." Each fragment is preserved between glass. Part of collection was acquired by the University between the years 1901-1907. At that time, Professor Basil L. Gildersleeve (please see was involved in the acquisition. In 1922, Frank J. Goodnow and M. Llewellyn Raney arranged for additional fragments to be added to the collection.
Johns Hopkins University, Sheridan Libraries, Special Collections, Baltimore, Maryland, United States
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Call Number: MS-0383
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Special Collections, Sheridan Libraries, Johns Hopkins University,
digitized by MSEL Digitization Unit
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Al Bahnasā, Minya Governorate, Egypt
Al Fayyūm, Faiyum Governorate, Egypt
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Johns Hopkins University Papyri Collection
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Stager, S21-041
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