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Hauck Heine House
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Hauck Heine House
main entrance door from inside
Work Type
architecture (object genre) ; houses
1904-1906 (creation)
Image: photographed in 2016
site: 506 Oak Street, Cincinnati (inhabited place)
Latitude: 39.15
Longitude: -84.45
Château Style
"When [Mrs. Emilie Hauck Heine's] elegant residence was built in 1904-1906, its Chateauesque style was already rather old-fashioned, but the execution was of exceptional quality. A tower confronts the corner, climaxing a composition again based on a masonry block unified by a hipped roof, here in the form of a truncated pyramid. The formal entrance porch flanked by terraces is complemented by the family's entrance under a porte-cochere on the right, with a service porch at the rear facing the handsome carriage-house at the inner corner of the lot. A gabled dormer marks the central entrance composition. The pale buff pressed-brick walls contrast to the red-tile roof and are almost swallowed up in fine limestone panels, balustrades, garlands, or vertical and horizontal bands, with colossal but shallow pilasters at the corners." Langsam, Walter E. Great Houses of the Queen City: Two Hundred Years of Historic and Contemporary Architecture and Interiors in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Cincinnati, OH: The Cincinnati Historical Society, 1997.
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