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Schneider House (Amberly Village, Ohio)
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Schneider House (Amberly Village, Ohio)
front facade
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architecture (object genre) ; houses
1954 (creation)
Image: photographed in 2019
site: 7031 W. Aracoma Drive, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, United States
Latitude: 39.15
Longitude: -84.45
The Schneider House, located in Amberley Village just outside of Cincinnati, is attributed to two early Modernists, the influential Richard Neutra and Woodward "Woodie" Garber (1913-1994) of Cincinnati. The clients, Dr. and Mrs. Bernard S. Schneider, first commissioned Neutra, but a dispute of a now unknown nature resulted in the completion of the design by Garber in 1954. It is unclear which part of the design is by Neutra or by Garber, but elements of the 2500 square foot house indicate the influence of both architects. It has a rectangular internationalist design, with the plan oriented around a large central courtyard, a feature associated with Neutra. A long continuous stone wall fronts the house, topped by a band of clerestory windows, a feature common to Garber designs. A slender skeleton of steel framing supports the roof, delicately stepping over the wall. The house is one of several by Garber that has been threatened by the wrecking ball in recent years, as these mid-century Modern homes are often on sites viewed as attractive for redevelopment as McMansions. The Schneider House was saved from demolition when the current owners purchased the five bedroom house in 2001 from the original owners.
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