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Transforming hate: an artist's book
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Transforming hate: an artist's book
Work Type
Artists' books
Image: 2020
108 unnumbered pages, color illustrations, 21 cm
Limited edition of 1000 copies, signed and numbered by the artist. "Book, cover and case designed by Susan Rhew Design, Inc. and printed by Blue Ridge Printing, both of Asheville, NC. Binding by BindTech, Nashville, TN. Book papers are McCoy Silk White 100lb text and 110lb cover stock. Endpapers and text inserts are 80lb Text CTI Aspire Petallics Gold Ore. Case stock is 98lb Cover Aspire Petallics Gold Ore. Franklin Gothic font family used throughout"--Colophon.
"This book evolved from a project for which I folded origami cranes from pages of white supremacist books for the exhibition, 'Speaking volumes: transforming hate' ... The process of making this book came later. I was trying to look at what it was like for me to turn hateful words into a beautiful art object. What actually evolved from that exploration helped me understand more fully the many levels of oppression and violence at the intersections of race, gender, class and sexual orientation ... We make decisions about who gets to have rights and who is marginalized in our society. From the place I now stand, I can see the courage and strength of my grandmother and mother and the path they made for me. I ask the viewer to question her or his perceptions about history, reality, identity and voice"--Foreword.
University of Puget Sound Collins Library, Archives & Special Collections
Accession Number
Call Number: Box 21, N7433.4.S426 T73 2016
File Format
Boxes (containers); Perfect Binding
Printing/Production Method
Offset Printing; Lithography
Visual Analysis
Colors; Photographic; Illustrations; Text (layout feature); Visual
First edition.
Kendyl Chasco, Collins Memorial Library
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