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Local conditions: one hundred views of Mount Rainier (at least)
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Local conditions: one hundred views of Mount Rainier (at least)
Work Type
Artists' books
Image: 2020
120 prints, color, 16 x 11 cm + 1 guide (50 pages : color illustrations ; 9 x 15 cm)
Title from label mounted to portfolio wrapper. Limited edition of 26 copies, signed and numbered by the artist. "Text and images were letterpress printed at Springtide Press. Images and topographic map patterns are hand-drawn and watercolored"--Colophon. Consists of 120 card-sized letterpress prints in a container box (20 x 26 x 19.5 cm) and a viewing box with slats for inserting the cards to create different views of Mount Rainier. The container box has three drawers, two of which contain the cards and the last containing the viewing box and a guide to the cards titled "Locator key." The top of the container box is a viewing platform to hold the viewing box. The container box is inserted in a five-paneled wrapper with letterpress-printed colophon and instructions for use attached to the interior. Wrapper has two Japanese-style bone clasp closures. Four pictorial letterpress-printed labels depicting Mount Rainier from the compass points are affixed to the wrapper and sides of the container box. Container box, drawers, viewing box, and wrapper are composed of cloth-covered boards. Guide is Japanese stab-bound in indigo cloth.
"It's easy to forget Rainier's impermanence. It has presided over thousands of years of indigenous culture, followed by the encroachment and permanent occupation of white settlers. It oversaw the construction of the Northern Pacific Railroad, the fever of the Klondike Gold Rush, the splendor of the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition. It stood in judgment while the American descendants of Hokusai's countrymen were imprisoned beside the wooden-frame rollercoaster of the Western Washington Fairgrounds, at the internment center nicknamed Camp Harmony. And it has watched the rise and decline and rise again of Tacoma, the City of Destiny lovingly misnamed in its honor. Yet all the while, Rainier has changed as much as the tableau at its feet. Its volcanic restlessness shifts its form, as our capricious Northwestern weather masks its appearance. It hides, or dominates, depending on the time of day or year. Even we have proved a catalyst, as our warming climate chases its alpine glaciers into retreat at the speed of industry. And one day--whether tomorrow or in a million years, in an explosion of ash or by the erosion of time--Mount Rainier will disappear completely. I can't begin to predict the future, but I can attempt to capture the present moment. One hundred present moments, to be exact. If nothing else, 'Local Conditions' is a reminder of the lesson of this place: that here in the Ring of Fire, we never see the same Mountain twice"--Colophon.
University of Puget Sound Collins Library, Archives & Special Collections
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N7433.4.O53 L63 2010
File Format
Boxes (containers); Other
Printing/Production Method
Letterpress Printing; Drawing
Visual Analysis
Colors; Illustrations; Visual
Kendyl Chasco, Collins Memorial Library
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