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Maulbeer Baum
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Maulbeer Baum
Work Type
Pictorial Works
woodcut, color
1 print : 29 x 18 cm.
Illustration of a scene from the Pyramus and Thisbe myth as described by Ovid. Thisbe arrives at the mulberry tree and throws up her arms at the sight of the dying Pyramus who lies next to the tree. The handle of a knife protrudes from his chest. Butterflies fly amidst the leaves of the fruitful tree and the lion is shown running away in the distance.
Publication: Gedruckt zü Strasburg : Bei Wendel Rihel, Den xxviij Augusti, im Jar MDXLVI [1546]
Language: German
Related Item
Is part of: Kreuter Büch, darin Underscheid, Würckung und Namen der Kreüter so in Deutschen Landen wachsen; See related catalog record: WZ 240 B665n 1546
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IHM: C03305
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