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Coupe de tronçonnage sus-hyoidienne
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Coupe de tronçonnage sus-hyoidienne, result 1 of 1

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Coupe de tronçonnage sus-hyoidienne
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Image of trunk of human body lying on a table, cut off at the neck, with head alongside. Issued in seven installments by the flamboyant Parisian surgeon Eugène-Louis Doyen (1859-1916), this atlas of 279 "heliotyped" photographic plates of cross-sectioned bodies was a radical departure from past practice. Atlas d'anatomie topographique, fasicule 5, planche 23.
Publication: Bethesda, MD : U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, Health & Human Services, [2010]
Language: French
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Is part of: Atlas d'anatomie topographique; See related catalog record: 61030150R
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IHM: A033033
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