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[John B. Blake taking his turn at planting the "Tree of Hippocrates"]
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[John B. Blake taking his turn at planting the "Tree of Hippocrates"], result 1 of 1

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[John B. Blake taking his turn at planting the "Tree of Hippocrates"]
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black and white
1 photograph : 26 x 21 cm
Image caption on page 77 of the book US National Library of Medicine: "On May 11, 1962, staff of the library participated in the planning of the library's 'Tree of Hippocrates.' Shortly after the new library opened its doors to the public, dignitaries gathered there again to honor the internationally-recognized role of the institution as a steward of medical history. Near the library, they planted a cutting of an Oriental plane tree descended from the original 'Tree of Hippocrates,' located on the island of Kos in Greece, under which, according to legend, Hippocrates taught a new kind of medicine to eager students in the 5th century BCE. Pictured here, taking his turn at planting the tree, is John B. Blake, PhD, Chief of the History of Medicine Division of the library. Blake supervised the return of the library's History of Medicine collection from Cleveland to the new library building in Bethesda. Lloyd's of London insured the collection for $6 million, and Pinkerton guards escorted it at every turn."
Publication: Produced: [1962]
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US National Library of Medicine
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IHM: A017140
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