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[Armed Forces Medical Library Catalog Division 2]
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[Armed Forces Medical Library Catalog Division 2]
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black and white
1 photograph : 21 x 26 cm
Image caption on page 49 of the book US National Library of Medicine: "Staff of the Catalog Division of the library gathered in the late 1940s or early 1950s. Front row: Lela M. Spanier; Winifred A. Johnson; M. Ruth MacDonald; Helen Turnbull; Helen M. Cambell. Second row: Sadie E. Benjamin; Agnes M. Boush; Hans Mayer; Wanda D. Smith; Gertrude Sanders; Bessie M. Pennington; Justine Randers-Pehrson; Helena M. Neal. Third row: Anna G. Ostroff; Ruth M. Manning; Ethel Elvove; Anna E. Dougherty; Gladys E. Hyland; Stella F. Schehl; Erna M. Webb; Emilie V. Wiggins; Valeta R. Richel; S. June Suzuki; Evelyn E. Helms. Fourth row: Helen F. Feltovic; Dorothy J. Comins; Vera M. Payne; Helen C. MacNamee; Grover L. James; Ruth E. Howard; Sarah I. Mills. Fifth row: Creola D. Wilson; Gladys B. Williams; William W. Perry; Milton Murayama; Juhan N. Raja; Portia J. Yergan; Philip Holman. Sixth row: D.C. Papaloizou; Ralph Singer; Bela Belassa; Geneva T. Greene; Patrick J. Moloney; James J. Gillis."
Publication: Produced: [1952?]
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US National Library of Medicine
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IHM: A033515
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