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Burn, Baby, Burn -- Support the Revolution A.L. - L.A.
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Burn, Baby, Burn -- Support the Revolution A.L. - L.A.
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Political sticker
United States
Los Angeles, California (state), United States
This sticker is in reference to the Watts Riots that occurred for five days in the Watts section of Los Angeles in August of 1965 following a motorist being pulled over, which escalated into a fight with the police. It was reported that the police had hurt a pregnant women, and large-scale civil unrest followed. The riots were not directly due to this one incident, rather the long-term mistreatment by the police and discrimination in housing, employment, and schooling systems that the African-American community of Watts had faced. The slogan, "Burn, Baby, Burn" was adopted by rioters and came from the "Magnificent Montague," a disc jockey touted as being the "hottest voice on Los Angeles' leading black-oriented radio station, KGJF," according to a 1985 Los Angeles Times article.
Courtesy of the Richard F. Brush Art Gallery.
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The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Council of Independent Colleges provided funding support for this project.
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