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Orichalcum coin of Commodus with Liberalitas on the reverse.
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Orichalcum coin of Commodus with Liberalitas on the reverse., result 1 of 1

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Orichalcum coin of Commodus with Liberalitas on the reverse.
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coins (money); archaeological objects
2.74 x 2.35 x .40cm
Researcher's Comments:According to Jones, Dictionary of Ancient Roman Coins (see Bibliography), orichalcum is the English spelling of a Greek word known from ancient authors. The writers appear to not have known what exactly orichalcum was, except that it was a "marvelously bright metal of some kind." (228) The word is used by modern writers to describe an alloy similar to modern brass, containing 10-20% zinc. The obverse of this coin shows Commodus, who was emperor from 180 to 192 CE. The reverse shows Liberalitas, the embodiment of giving freely. AVG is the abbreviation for Augustus. S and C stand for senatus consulto, meaning by decree of the senate. (Wolfgang Alders, Undergraduate, Johns Hopkins University, 8/13/2013)
Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD;
Accession Number
Wright 31
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JHAM Collection
The Sidney Pointer Coin Collection
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Reverse: ... AVG ...
Selected Bibliography
Klawans, Zander H., and Kenneth E. Bressett. Handbook of Ancient Greek and Roman Coins. Racine, Wis: Western Pub. Co, 1995.
Melville-Jones, John R. A Dictionary of Ancient Roman Coins. London: Seaby, 1990.
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