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Boswell House
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Boswell House
bedroom hallway
Work Type
architecture (object genre) ; houses
1957-1961 (creation)
Image: photographed in 2019
site: 8805 Camargo Club Drive, Indian Hill (Ohio); Cincinnati (inhabited place)
Latitude: 39.15
Longitude: -84.45
Mid-Century Modernist
"The largest of Wright's three Cincinnati houses (see #'s 14 & 35), the Boswell House nestles between low hills adjacent to Red Bird Hollow Nature Preserve and the Camargo Country Club in Indian Hill, Cincinnati's most exclusive suburb. Of reddish-brown brick, the house has a low, hip-roofed profile, with four levels of terraces cascading into the landscape. A large, squarish living room, surrounded by windows on three sides and with a 16-foot high pyramidal ceiling, anchors the angle of the L-shaped plan; one wing contains the kitchen, service rooms and a playroom, the other wing contains five bedrooms including a master suite. The house was completed two years after Wright's death by Taliesin Associates; it was renovated and extended in 2000, including a new, Taliesin-designed carport." Greinacher, Udo, Elizabeth Meyer, Susan Rissover, Patrick Snadon and Margo Warminski. 50 from the 50s: Modern Architecture and Interiors in Cincinnati.Cincinnati :Urban Currents, 2003. (36)
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