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1956 Sophomores
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1956 Sophomores
Sophomores section of 1956 Rawenoch. Lawrence Akers John Angelico David Ayers Gilmer Ayers Fred Baker Bob Barnett Gale Barnhart Al Bayse Dave Blackwelder Marion Bonham Charles Brown Connie Brown Howard Brown Ronald Broyles Charles Bruno Adrienne Carpenter Bill Cerelli Ernest Clayton Russell Compton Robert Cooper Bob Cross Gibson Davis Raymond Doss Philip Duvall Eleanor Dye Neal Engers Marion Erickson Nancy Garst Bill Goldsby Dick Goodlake Ernest Greene Kennith Grimes Jane Gross George Grove Mary Harris Peter Hatcher Ronny Hawks Darryl Howery Tom Hulvey Charles Humphreys John Jacovitch Bruce Johnston Millard Lambert Phyllis LaRue Seh Poong Lee Bob Leonard Ray Lewis Howard Light Jim McCurry Don Moore Nancy Moore Bob Nelson W.W. Pannell Lloyd Parcell Bill Paris Charles Patsell Yvonne Pellett Frances Price Sandra Richards Ruth Richter Chris Rittman Linda Roberts Florence Robey Joe St. Clair Wilton Sale Bill Sampson Cliff Shaw Tom Smallwood Ginny Snyder Jacquelyn Stepp Ed Taylor Bob Upton Carey Washburn Ellen Webster Loretta Whanger Jay Whitcomb Harry Wigington Don Wilkie Martha Worrell Richard Zoeckler
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