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1967 Juniors
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1967 Juniors
Juniors section of the 1967 Rawenoch. 1967 Juniors Class Officers President- Bob Jackson Vice President- Steve Wilson Secretary- Jacque Carpenter Mark Acuff, J. M. Ansley, Donald Avidano, Robert Barnes, Judy Belchic, Jeffrey Bergmann, Bonnie Bland, Rick Boucher, Dennis Bowden, Clement Bramley, Penny Brown, Scott Campbell, Dave Campbell, Christine Campeau, Bill Carlile, Gray Carlson, Jacqueline Carpenter, James Cheston, Jeanne Cline, James Collins, James Combs, Kashmere Cooey, Edward Corson, Rosemary DeKold, Bob DeLong, Bob Ducey, Bill Edwards, Richard Feller, James Fesler, James Gacek, R.A. Gardella, Illarion I. Gopadze, Gary Hand, Vicky Hann, Gerry Harris, Fredrick Harting, Anne Haulsee, Allen Hayes, Carol Helsel, Bunny Henderson, Lynne Hendrickson, Lenold Henry, Catherine Hoggard, William Holmes, Ann Houck, Sandy Howard, Ellen Hucke, Anita Huffman, Robert Hunter, William Hunter, Robert Jackson, Barbara Jones, Mary Kern, Leslie Knee, Judy Lapitino, Susan Linkletter, Zoe Linda Lovendahl, Lee MacFarland,Roderick MacKenzie, Stuart Malone, Cary Mangis, John Marshall, William Martin, John May, Laura Miley, Lynn Money, Nancy Moore, Judy Moore, Stephen Mott, Linda Mullen, William Musser, Tom Nicodemus, Wayne Ohlandt, Dennis Pennington, Meg Perry, Earl Phaup, Ann Rich, Andy Rossell, Reginald St. Clair, Reggie Schoonover, Francis Schellengerger, Richard Silfies, Jo Ann Shockey, Kathy Smart, Richard Spinney, Bobbie Sterns, Paula Stone, Ronald Strahan, Jean Swink, Vic Thacker, Joyce Thurman, Andy Turlington, Fred Umberger, Barbara Varacalli, Jimmy Vickers, Roy Voelker, Cynthia Walls, Barbara Weeks, Roland Wehger, Lynn Wendler, David Williams, Steve Wilson, Charles Wise, Herbert Wolfrey, Bob Wonneberger
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