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Wooden Shoe Factory, Holland, Mich.
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Wooden Shoe Factory, Holland, Mich.
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Color image- man carving wooden shoes
The Joint Archives of Holland
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Photos provided courtesy of Myron Van Ark via the Joint Archives of Holland.
(Front) WOODEN SHOE FACTORY, HOLLAND, MICH. (Left) In the city on U.S. 31, Holland's Wooden Shoe Factory is a popular place for Tourists. The Display Room has been arranged so the public can view the making of wooden shoes. ALL-WOODEN SHOES Sizes 6-14 Children�s����$1.50 pr. Sizes 1-3 Children�s�����$2.00 pr. Sizes 4-9 Ladies�-Men�s��$2.50 pr. Sizes 4-13 Men�s��������$3.00 pr. Hand decorated with windmill design, with or without name, 75c per pair additional. Hand decorated and lac- quered $1.50 per pair additional. Print name when ordering. Prices net cash with order, F.O.B. factory Postage� When ordering give Regular Shoe Size. Dutch Novelty Shop HOLLAND, MICHIGAN On U.S. 31 Corner River Ave. and 4th Street
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