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Lee Friedlander: The Printed Picture
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Lee Friedlander: The Printed Picture
view of second floor case from the stairway
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April 30, 2014-October 6, 2014
Pratt Institute Library (200 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, New York)
LEE FRIEDLANDER: THE PRINTED PICTURE is the first exhibition to bring together five decades of Friedlander’s seminal photographic monographs. The exhibition will celebrate the Pratt Institute Libraries’ acquisition of the complete catalogue of Friedlander’s trade publications from 1969-2014, of which there are nearly fifty, as well as related ephemera and selected epigraphs from the books themselves. It will provide viewers with an unprecedented survey of the essential work of this great artist. The exhibition is curated by Stephen Hilger, Chair of the Pratt Photography Department, and Peter Kayafas, Visiting Associate Professor of Photography and Director of Eakins Press Foundation. Exhibition organized by Pratt Institute’s Photography Department and Libraries, with support from the School of Art and Design, D.A.P./Distributed Art Publishers and Eakins Press Foundation.
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