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Crocidolite Dark
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Crocidolite Dark
From card: T-K Book – Pages 163-164 Crocidolite Montecatini Inform. 4/1/46 The quarries where this material is found are in the contested zone B over Triest and everything We shall not miss to keep you posted of any news that may be of interest to you as far as this material is concerned. Tompkins–Kiel Marble Co. New York, Inform. 5/12/48 T.K. the only one handling this variety oof marble – not imported any for several years. They have used a number of blocks recently. For further information see TO'L's letter in T.K. file, May 12, 1948. 2/17/54 CF writes quarry closed for the winter season. 4/20/54 Production in a poor stage. Good blocks probably by summer. 2/12/79 Bought 21 slabs from Colonna for use on Jubail dedication plate vein Unsound. Expect to have nothing left. Sample Drawer #19 – Italy
Architectural Archives, University of Pennsylvania
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