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Portasanta Sanguigno
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Portasanta Sanguigno
From card: Pictured in I Marmi D'Italia Book – Import Dept. Color Plate in Colonna and Company Book – Page 36 Foreign Supplier – Alberto Bufalini, Carrara, Italy Pale Red-Brown & Gray W/White Veins Alternative names: Rosora, St Florent Rose, Casino Rose, Fiorito Adige, French Rouge Antique Annual producing capacity about 10,500 cu.ft. each type. Same characters as in the middle type. Not very solid owing to many argillous veins. Hardness 1,3. Caution required under the carbo saw and chisel as well. Edges very unsafe. Good polishing. Plastering needed. High percentage of middle sizes but the big ones also available, particularly if to be used for massive pilasters or columns. Sawing across the bed unadvisable.
Architectural Archives, University of Pennsylvania
Shelf Location: M12
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