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Park Green Mill Double Dialled Longcase Clock
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Park Green Mill Double Dialled Longcase Clock
Collections of objects from line shafting and the double-dial
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metal (unknown); paint; wood (unidentified)
Overall: 1470 mm x 280 mm x 620 mm,
Double dialled longcase clock from Park Green Mill, Macclesfield, made by E. Hartley, Macclesfield, c. 1810, includes clock and belts, pulleys and lineshafting.; Manchester s mill workers toiled in time with their machines. The new system of cotton manufacturing changed the way they organised their daily lives. Winter or summer, rain or shine, the machines set the pace and the factory clock told them when to work and when to rest. Time was money and some manufacturers tried to control the time in their mills to increase productivity and profits. This double dialled clock from Park Green silk mill in Macclesfield helped mill owners Michael Daintry and John Ryle do this. The bottom face of the clock showed the real time. The top face showed mill time . Its hands were connected to the water wheel and like the mill's machines, they only moved when the water wheel turned. If the water wheel stopped or slowed down, so did mill time . Workers could only go home when mill time said so.
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