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Nightclub loading bay doors, Hacienda Manchester
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Nightclub loading bay doors, Hacienda Manchester
loading bay door from the Hacienda nightclub
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3.7 m x 3.8 m,
Pair of loading bay doors from the Hacienda nightclub, which operated from 1982 to 1997.; The Hacienda nightclub occupies a special place in the history of Manchester. Becoming the epicentre of the "Madchester" rave scene in the 1980s and early 1990s, the Hacienda was co-owned by Factory Records and New Order and was built on the site of an old yacht-builders warehouse. Factory Records gave it the designation FAC 51 which became part of the design on membership cards and publicity.; The Hacienda, designed by architect Ben Kelly, became an icon of nightlife in Manchester, with queues for entry often proceeding round the block. Despite this, it was not profitable and regularly made a loss. Eventually the rave scene in the UK became tainted with drug abuse, and the UK's first Ecstasy-related death occurred at the Hacienda in 1989. The club's popularity continued into the 1990s but it was finally closed in June of 1997.; The "Madchester" scene had a lasting impact on the cultural landscape of Manchester. Media and the creative industries, as well as the University were influenced by the vibrant clubbing scene, and the Hacienda itself remains an icon of the UK music scene.
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