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From sample: 1965. By G. Furrer From card: Poggio district neat Trani. Still another special bed in the Poggio Imperiale calcareous layer. Annual productive capacity about 3500 cu. ft. Solid enough, but sawing across the bed required, owing to breaches occurring on the marks. Hardness 1.3. Caution required both under carbo saw or chisel. Edges clear, save on the marks. Polishing good. Nearly no plastering required. High percentage of middle sizes. To get the right type to be sawed across the bed only. Width across bed from 1.2 to 1.4 with any length. Good for trim work owing to narrow widths obtainable. Marmi E. Pietre now in position to supply blocks. Also known as Serpeggiante. Strictly speaking the name Ondagata belongs to a limited bed about 1.2 across. MeP have been filling out orders from the so-called Serpeggiante layer which is not so even as Ondagata but is about 3.0 across, providing wider slabs. See second card in index to samples for price and shipment information
Architectural Archives, University of Pennsylvania
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