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Roadside Attractions. v. 1 / Marnie Powers-Torrey.
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Roadside Attractions. v. 1 / Marnie Powers-Torrey., result 1 of 1

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Roadside Attractions. v. 1 / Marnie Powers-Torrey.
1 volume (unpaged) : all color illustrations ; 7 x 7 cm
University of California Berkeley
Environ Dsgn has copy no. 36/40.
artist book
[Salt Lake City, Utah] : Marnie Powers-Torrey, 2017.
Limited edition of 40 signed and numbered copies.
Tiny artist book in tiny sleeve made of a single folded sheet, snake folded, signed on back cover of book. Paper sleeve has printed title, volume numbering, statement of responsibility, and hand-written number of edition copy.
This small boustrophedon takes notice of the intricate waste that proliferates at America's roadsides. The book is a grid of micro-meditations that attempt to balance our startling misuse of the planet with human beings' incredible ingenuity. The prints document tiny indicators of how our country thrives and falters, each small page a critical piece of an unknown something, and the book structure a map of discarded pieces of the great American puzzle. The found objects were inked and printed on Masa via letterpress and gelatin monoprinting. Each single sheet was treated with a sumi ink and salt wash, folded, and housed in a paper slipcase which is signed and numbered by the artist. --Vamp & Tramp, vendor description.
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N7433.4.P69 R63 2017
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Environmental Design Library
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