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Wayfinding / Julie Chen.
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Wayfinding / Julie Chen.
1 artist book ; 41 x 23 x 12 cm
University of California Berkeley
artist book
Berkeley, California : Flying Fish Press, 2019.
Edition of 50.
Artist book that opens up to reveal 2 halves containing 2 large trays and one center leaf plus a magnet-held folded triangular overleaf each. The trays contain three-dimensional forms carved or cut from cardboard and the leaves feature landscapes, both real and abstract, human semaphores, and text. The book's various segments bear the numbered section titles: 1. Tangible, 2. Abstract, 3. Coalescent and (unnumbered) Colophon. As such, Wayfinding explores how the natural environment transforms into a man-made version, and vise versa. Chen spent three years conceiving and building this work. She created an alphabet of human body positions and translated those shapes into rocky structures made of meticulously crafted, rough paper.
Wayfinding examines the relationship between physical and mental learning through the context of navigation through time and space. The piece focuses the reader's experience on the physicality of the book as object through the inclusion of 3-dimensional cast paper sheets and pages of handmade paper that rattle when turned. A 3-dimensional alphabet abstracted from diagrams of flag semaphore addresses the activities of signaling and translation, and how information is taken in by all the senses and not just through the eyes. --Artist statement.
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f N7433.4.C44 W39 2019
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Environmental Design Library
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