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Wool, silk twill, metal, gold bullion
Navy wool, post-Civil War era Pennsylvania National Guard officer uniform double breasted frock coat with stand collar. At the base of the collar at center front on either side is a hook and eye. The coat has fourteen gold brass shank buttons total; seven on each side of center front. The buttons feature horses flanking a shield below which is written "NG." The backmark of the button reads, "Horstmann Bros & Co / Phil." There are three smaller versions of these buttons at the hem of the two part sleeve. The coat has a center back vent below the waist. At the waist on either side of center back are two brass buttons of the same design as those at center front. Two more of these buttons are found flanking the vent near the hemline. The lower edge of the coat is left unfinished, but the dense weave of the wool prevents any raveling. The coat is lined in dark brown silk twill and has two pockets on either side of the center back vent below the waist on the interior. At chest level on the left interior is a pocket with a label stitched inside. The label reads, "F. Farrell / (Late of POOLE'S, London) / 101 South Thirteenth Street, / PHILADELPHIA." Handwritten in script on the last line of the label is, "Lieut H.B. Plumer." At waist level near the front is an interior belt with a brass hook buckle. Epaulets trimmed in gold bullion are affixed to either shoulder. The epaulets feature two embroidered bullion leaves each. The original gold braided cords affix under the right epaulet and end in decorative aiglets. Related items: collar (2019.1.53), sword belt (2019.1.52), and chapeau-bras (2019.1.51).
Textile and Costume Collection, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA
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Accession Number: 2019.1.64
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